I have been professionally personal training since 1999.  Before that, I was studying and teaching Martial Arts and hold the rank of second degree black belt.  The physical requirements of Martial Arts was the catalyst that began my study of bodies and movement.  I learned the how’s and why’s to train well and love helping others do the same.  I am trained in Pilates, kick boxing, stability ball, bosu ball, many other therapeutic tools along with my true passion which is functional training.  Functional training uses primarily body weight and is core driven. Functional training also develops very balanced musculature by training in all planes of motion.  My favorite functional training tool is the TRX suspension training system which I use extensively in my sessions.  It can be used for many purposes in strength, flexibility and endurance training but is also extremely useful for rehabilitation and physical therapy applications.

I also work in the evenings helping manage a bio-medical research foundation, The Longevity Foundation.  The Longevity Foundation supports research in immuno and neuro- degenerative diseases, like cancer, Alzheimer’s, lupus and many more.   For more information, please go to:  www.thelongevityfoundation.org