Online Personal Training

Connie Cole can  be your personal online trainer!

Once payment has been received for your first consultation and session which is a comprehensive evaluation and work out program for you and your needs, Connie will contact you and get the process started.  You will be asked to complete a packet of information on yourself and then either through phone, email or web cam, Connie will personally and privately conduct your online consultation!

This first consultation will take 60 to 90 mins.  Additionally,  you will be asked to join a another session to review your workout that Connie prepares JUST FOR YOU from your previous consultation.  Your initial  consultation and workout costs only $225.00.  You will be have all you need to get started on an effective program designed SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU!

Weekly or bi weekly follow ups are highly recommended.  This will allow you the opportunity to ask questions and modify your program as you progress.  Follow up session are 30 mins long and cost $50 per session.  All your your sessions will be scheduled in advance for your convenience! Monthly discounts are available.  Please contact Connie for additional

Personal Training